Waste management software for enterprises processing waste in production.

ENVIRA.INDUSTRY is a software system dedicated to enterprises that process waste and raw materials as part of their production processes and make finished products from them.

The ENVIRA INDUSTRY system supports processes that are not covered by standard ERP systems.


  • ongoing adaptation to legal requirements
  • detailed monitoring of processes and documents
  • simple and flexible reporting for management needs
  • data consistency and process transparency
  • elimination of irregularities and the risk of errors
  • compliance with the guidelines for the Circuit Economy and the State’s Raw Materials Policy
  • cooperation in holdings’ structures
  • compliance with GDPR
  • automated, multi-aspect waste reporting
  • control of limits
  • mapping of decisions and permits
  • possibility of changing the status of waste (eg loss of the status)
  • multifaceted analyzes and reports to monitor processes in the waste area of the enterprise
  • reporting in accordance with the Act on Waste, Regulations on Records of Waste and environmental fees
  • integration with BDO (national waste database)
  • process automation
  • data safety
  • mobile solutions
  • unlimited integration possibilities
  • the ability to choose system modules and adapt the system to the unique needs of the company
  • monitoring of waste streams in real-time
  • reliability and constant implementation and service support
  • implementation in the on-premise or Cloud model

Feel free to ask for more information and system demo.